Fake Nails short

From: 11,94

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  • Application: Finger
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type: False Nail
  • Type: Full Nail Tips
  • Net content: 17
  • Specifications: 24
  • Classification of nail art products: Nail tools

No drying time required

• Tough plastic nail art lasts longer

• 21 eye-popping designs in matte or glossy

• 12 finger-specific sizes

• Double-sided jelly glue stickers for easy application



Polish-free press-on nails save you drying time and money




Durable, non-toxic plastic nail art doesn’t chip or peel off

Your manicure will look immaculate for longer




eye-catching designs with glossy and matte finishes 21

Choose a vibrant solid color, delicate French manicure or add sparkle with glitter. Go all out with nails of different colors in adorable or daring designs


sizes to fit your natural tips 12

Finger-specific set is designed to fit comfortably from thumb to pinky


Double-sided silicone-jelly glue stickers won’t damage your nails

Simply place one side of the decal on the back of your press-on. The other side of the sticker will stick to your natural nail


Included file to prepare and finish

Before application, lightly buff your nails with the file for better adhesion. When your press-ons are set, use it to smooth the edges


Orange stick included for easy removal

When dipped in polish remover, the stick helps you pry off the press-on nail without damaging your own


Cleaning wipe preps your nails before application

Remove oils and dirt on your nails for the longest possible wear


Usage and Care

How to Apply
1. Gently buff the surface of your nails to smooth and prep.
2. Clean your nails with the included nail wipe.
3. Choose the size that best fits your nail. (There is a number on the back of each nail to help you choose the size.) Apply either the jelly glue sticker (included) or a drop of nail glue (not included) to the back of the nail.
4. Apply the press-on nail from the base to the tip. Press it firmly for about 10 seconds.
5. To finish, gently file the edge of the nail to your desired length.

Note: For beginners and those desiring a temporary application (generally no longer than 3 days), we recommend jelly glue stickers for application. We recommend nail glue for those with some experience with press-on nails and those who wish to wear them for at least 1 week.

How to Remove
1. Dip the orange stick into nail polish remover (not included) if jelly glue stickers were used or nail degumming agent (not included) if nail glue was used.
2. Place the orange stick along the side of the nail.
3. With the orange stick, pry the nail repeatedly until the press-on nail is removed.
4. Clean your natural nails with nail polish remover. For best results, use your preferred nail treatment for recovery


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Package Contents

1 set × 24 press-on nails, 24 double-sided jelly glue stickers, 1 orange stick, 1 nail cleaning wipe and 1 nail file


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Fake Nails short

From: 11,94

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